Small Planet Travel Cards

                          Great Big Adventures …..                                                                 tiny little cards

Travelers have little time to prepare for cultural interaction, but WANT to interact positively and KNOW that Cultural Interaction makes a good trip into a Great Trip.  Our BIG idea is to provide small culture-guide cards that instantly provide key phrase translations and cultural integration tips which will help make the world a smaller place.

Our cards do not compete with your guidebooks or smart phone apps. Clever paper cards are discrete, shareable, fit in wallet or pocket and do not require internet access!

Standard Travel Card sets are available to help travelers with their adventures in over 50 countries.

Custom Card sets support travel for agencies, corporations, sports teams, and tourism organizations of all types.



  • Card Pack Contents

  • Card Pack

  • Country Cards

  • Card in hand – front

  • Card fan – clean

  • 5 pack

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